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a. pararrectal, adyacente al recto.
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The complications with the use of synthetic mesh occur due to its placement adjacent to the bladder and rectum involving extensive paravesical and pararectal dissection includes the passage of needles blindly through the obturator foramen or the ischiorectal fossa which in turn increase the potential for immediate complications like excessive bleeding, perforation of the bladder, rectum and blood vessels.
Circumferential spread of sepsis may occur in the intersphincteric and pararectal planes as well as in the ischiorectal plane.
16) Preservation of potency, urinary continence, and rectal innervation is possible because the lateral pelvic and pararectal space is avoided.
4) Exposure and direct visualization of the sacrospinous ligament coccygeus muscle complex require adequate dissection of the pararectal space, avoiding injury to the rectum.
As I do with all minimally invasive hysterectomies, regardless of modality I work to find and develop the pararectal space.
An abdominal CT scan showed an abnormal soft tissue mass in the rectosigmoid colon and pararectal subcentimeter lymphadenopathies.
Briefly, a left upper abdominal pararectal incision was made under anesthesia.
Salvage reimplantation in patients with local recurrent prostate carcinoma after brachytherapy with three dimensional computed tomography guided permanent pararectal implant.
The perineal body is repaired by first opening the pararectal spaces on both sides as distally as possible.
Accordingly, the patient was diagnosed with FG (acute necrotizing fasciitis and pararectal, scrotal, and abdominal abscesses).
Histopathological examination revealed moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma colon (pT3N2M1), with involvement of muscularis propria and pararectal tissues by the tumor; the margins of resection were free.
currently of the University of Cologne, Germany, starts with a paracervical and pararectal space dissection with identification and preservation of the hypogastric and splanchnic nerves.