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Pará′ rub′ber

India rubber obtained from the tree Hevea brasiliensis, of the spurge family, and other species of the same genus of tropical South America.
[1895–1900; after Pará]
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Inter-island migration programmes, such as transmigrasi (resettlement by migration to outer islands), introduced changes of land use technology and policy, including large-scale commercial and small-holder farm development of oilpalm and pararubber plantations, and more recently of tree plantations for mass production of pulpwood and industrial timber.
9 ha) property and on adjoining land in semi-agroforest oilpalm plantations mixed with trees producing timber, resin, latex, pararubber and fruit.
Iban land consists mainly of secondary forest in the form of forest left fallow after rice cultivation, and partly of rice fields, pararubber gardens and fruit-tree groves (Ichikawa 2004).