Johnes disease

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Joh′ne's disease`

(ˌyoʊ nəz)
a chronic diarrheal disease of cattle and sheep caused by a bacillus, Mycobacterium paratuberculosis.
[1905–10; after H. A. Johne (1839–1910), German scientist]
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JOHNE'S Disease or Paratuberculosis, known commonly as John's Disease is a chronic wasting disease that can affect both cattle and sheep.
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There are 3 commonly recognized forms of avian mycobacteriosis: 1) the classic form, with tubercles or granulomas diffusely throughout the body; 2) the paratuberculosis form, with lesions present in the intestinal tract; and 3) the nontuberculous form, which is hard to recognize at necropsy because of the lack of gross lesions and granulomas.
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