Parliamentary train

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one of the trains which, by act of Parliament, railway companies are required to run for the conveyance of third-class passengers at a reduced rate.

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In the evening, Frank made his appearance, and announced that his father had mercilessly sentenced him to leave Combe-Raven by the parliamentary train the next morning.
That's called a Parliamentary train because it's cheaper to operate one service a week than close the line completely.
In the world of transport this has given us two real life Harry Potter vehicles - the ghost bus and the Parliamentary train.
I don't think there's any mystery about which MP allegedly took the male hormone, testosterone - obviously it was M'Lady Thatcher when she was in charge of the Parliamentary train set.
There are a whole host of these Parliamentary trains across the country, preserving little stations from the dust and the tumbleweed.
As a convicted trainspotter, I had perhaps better own up at this point to knowing what Parliamentary trains were.