Parris Island

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Par·ris Island

An island of the Sea Islands off southern South Carolina near Beaufort. The site of the first French settlement (1562-1564) in the Americas, it has been a US Marine Corps training installation since 1915.

Par′ris Is′land

(ˈpær ɪs)
a U.S. Marine Corps training station in SE South Carolina, S of Port Royal Island.
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This new home near Parris Island sold by Carletha is measured at 2,643 square feet.
Back at Parris Island, the senior enlisted ranks were enthusiastic for action, an opportunity for The White House to make right the 1961 Bay of Pigs disaster.
In Court-Martial at Parris Island, Stevens investigates the drowning deaths in Ribbon Creek, focusing closely on the court-martial of the drill instructor involved, Staff Sergeant Matthew McKeon.
Jose and I even went down to Parris Island to find a decent place from which to leave.
He was an operations officer with the CIA Counterterrorism Center and later commanded the recruit training regiment at the Corps' Parris Island, S.
Worst Job: Without a doubt--and I'll call it a job--was going through Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, S.
I broke it on Parris Island when I jumped off a truck,'' Ortega said.
A court martial that began on October 5 at Parris Island, South Carolina, suggests that at least some people have been carrying out a plan similar to Boot's, albeit without official sanction.
After three months at the corps' notoriously grueling boot camp on Parris Island in South Carolina, which he described as a place "no marine will ever forget," Iuliano was stationed at El Toro in California and attained the rank of Corporal.
Instead, he was sent to San Antonio, Texas to learn English at the Defense Language Institute, English Language Center for two months before reporting to Parris Island.
Parris Island makes the Marines what they are, but it also is an anachronism, so alien to society that Disney has actually started offering tours of the island.