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 (păr′ĭsh), Maxfield Frederick 1870-1966.
American artist known for his colorful murals, magazine covers, and book illustrations.


(ˈpær ɪʃ)

(Frederick) Maxfield, 1870–1966, U.S. painter.
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Noun1.Parrish - United States painter (1870-1966)Parrish - United States painter (1870-1966)  
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IT'S on my visiting cards sure enough (and it's them that's all o' pink satin paper) that inny gintleman that plases may behould the intheristhin words, "Sir Pathrick O'Grandison, Barronitt, 39 Southampton Row, Russell Square, Parrish o' Bloomsbury.
The crooked lane leading from their own parrish to Mellstock ran along the lowest levels in a portion of its length, and when the girls reached the most depressed spot they found that the result of the rain had been to flood the lane over-shoe to a distance of some fifty yards.
Kevin Hart's wife, Eniko Parrish, recently shared the first photo of their son, Kenzo.
WICHITA -- The Plymouth Fine Arts Series, sponsored by Plymouth Congregational Church, presents From Kansas to La La Land: A Concert with Angela Parrish, Saturday, Nov.
Kevin Hart's wife Eniko Parrish has slammed the actor's former wife Torrei.
SARASOTA'S NANCY PARRISH WANTS PEOPLE TO KNOW that she's a proud first-generation American whose father served in World War II, with a mother who worked in the Army as a civilian and a sister who became a Navy nurse thanks to a ROTC scholarship.
Mi-Ai Parrish has been named president and publisher of The Arizona Republic.
Campbell, 48, faces trial accused of assaulting partner Rebecca Parrish, Natasha's stepmum.
Parrish has been at the forefront of the House GOP effort, sponsoring a series of ethics bills, including several that would affect the governor's office directly.
We exercised this rule of thumb when asked to value a painting described to be by Maxfield Parrish (American, 1870-1966) titled Angel with a claimed value of $200,000.
com)-- Helping the children of today is a concern most everyone should have, according to the staff at Parrish Family Dentistry.
It was a family-run business opened by draper John Parrish in 1921.