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In a color palette favored for Saudi Arabia, the hue palette is a combustion of maroon, gold, cobalt, burgundy, old rose, purple, gray, magenta, cream, parrot green, olive, royal blue, fawn, black and brown.
My other favourites were parrot green, which appeared in Bottega Veneta and John Galliano.
He is dressed in full traditional attire and jewellery along with the decorative parrot green flower garland.
50, has fun shades, such as Petrol Black and Parrot Green.
John Galliano showed gowns in bright purple and red, Lacroix had gowns in parrot green and fuchsia and Armani Prive's gowns ranged in color from a magnificent royal purple to a dramatic lipstick red.
The Visor, from the Walnut Creek-based D'Firo Design, comes in white, parrot green and turquoise, and was created to block sunlight, not just when it's directly overhead, but throughout the day.
Two new colors, mellow yellow and parrot green, were added to Portofino's antique velvet table runners.
Get above it all From aloft, you can look down on a patchwork of russet vineyards and parrot green grass.
Parrot green combines absorption by a yellow pigment with blue due to scattering.
Dubai: As the mist rolled in Cumulus puffs across the acres of parrot green paddy fields of Thanjavur, the 16-year-old boy gripping the metal handle bar of the train coach door dreamed of belching mills, curving roads and fame.
Parrot green, turquoise, yellow, red and coral were on the color palette, used in solids, stripes and exotic florals, sometimes with matching pumps that drew additional applause from the crowd.
99; sizes 4-10), a stylish open-toe wedge with a 3 1/3 inch heel in Navy, Gold, Parrot Green and Black.