Partridge berry

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(Bot.) The scarlet berry of a trailing american plant (Mitchella repens) of the order Rubiaceæ, having roundish evergreen leaves, and white fragrant flowers sometimes tinged with purple, growing in pairs with the ovaries united, and producing the berries which remain over winter; also, the plant itself
The fruit of the creeping wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens); also, the plant itself.

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WITH lovely white summer flowers, and masses of bright red berries in the autumn, Partridge Berry, or gaultheria procumbens, makes the perfect container specimen.
Try a sip of their aberry pie in a bottlea including their hand-picked Wild Blueberry, Exotique Wild Cloudberry or Partridge Berry wines and liqueurs.
Mountain laurel, Prince's pine, partridge berry and wintergreen leaves never stop verdantly carpeting our forest floor.
Since my hand is smaller, I get to tuck the little plants into the sand, carefully weaving the partridge berry vines in and around the other plants.
If the ruffed grouse or wild turkey have not eaten all the berries, the red fruit of the partridge berry brightens the evergreen winter forest.