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Noun1.Parus - type genus of the family ParidaeParus - type genus of the family Paridae  
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Paridae, Paridae - titmice and chickadees
chickadee - any of various small grey-and-black songbirds of North America
Parus bicolor, tufted titmouse - crested titmouse of eastern and midwestern United States
blue tit, Parus caeruleus, tomtit - widely distributed European titmouse with bright cobalt blue wings and tail and crown of the head
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The commissioner of the SPO" Parus "Cristina Voinova shared her impressions.
More than 20 Russian musical stars will perform at the PaRus International Music Fest, to be held at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel from November 2 to 4.
Chez [beaucoup moins que]Actes Sud[beaucoup plus grand que], plusieurs titres sont parus a partir du mois de juin pour le plaisir des lecteurs.
The companies participating in the auction include Mag Entertainment Lahore, Sardar Builders Islamabad, Smartimes Islamabad, Smart Sky Islamabad, Orient Electronics Lahore, IQ Communion Karachi, Shahzad Sky Islamabad, Skyflix Islamabad, HB DTH Islamabad, Naya Tel Islamabad and Parus Media and Broadcast Islamabad.
Which acrobatic garden bird has the Latin name Parus caeruleus?
Une integrale regroupant la totalite de ses enregistrements studios parus entre 1948 et 2011, soit 32 albums, est egalement publiee ces jours-ci.
com)-- Parus Capital appoints James Austin as Head of Institutional equity trading, Hong Kong.
Les services de securite algeriens ont dejoue un attentat contre l'Academie militaire de Cherchell, a une centaine de kilometres a l'ouest d'Alger, en arretant un adolescent qui prenait des photos du site, selon deux quotidiens parus mardi.
MP Tursunbai Bakir uulu (Ar Namys) proposed to consider blockage of the access to another website - Parus.
Pictured left to right) Parus Pindoria, Todd Ward, Pooja Raithatha, Rebecca Sheldon, Janki Barai, Sarah-Jane Smith, Ali Syed, Bhavini Gohil and Naeem Dharma.
WITH reference to Mrs M Edwards' letter "Birds Left Suddenly" (Birmingham Mail, October 31), I think she should find herself extremely fortunate to have witnessed a coming and going, she says, of between 30 and 40 blue tits, Parus caeruleus belonging to the family Paridae, a truly enviable spectacle.