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A member of a Roman Catholic religious order founded in Italy in 1720 by Saint Paul of the Cross (1694-1775) and dedicated to promoting devotion to the Passion of Christ chiefly by missionary work.
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I am willing to go to prison for what I believe," says Father Newell, a member of the Passionist Community.
Passionist Father Robin Ryan says in his book God and the Mystery of Human Suffering (Paulist Press) that sometimes people tend to speak in platitudes to those who are suffering rather than simply sitting with them, which he recommends.
Welcoming news of his arrival, Fr Donegan said his fellow Passionist is "very energetic".
Today is the feast day of Saint Paul of the Cross (San Pablo Dela Cruz), the founder of the Passionist Congregation, whose main apostolate is to help spread devotion to the Passion of Christ.
The book has one curious lacuna: Berry's identity as a Roman Catholic priest in the Passionist Order.
In 1965 Clara was a Charter Member of the Calvary Guild of the Passionist Fathers community.
In a homily during a Mass at the memorial to the victims in Masalay village, the massacre site in Maguindanao, Passionist priest Rey Ondap also bewailed the protracted wait for justice.
The Silvertop family home was at Ministeracres, near Consett in County Durham, which is now a Passionist Christian retreat centre.
The recovering alcoholic said TIME he was walking down a corridor when two Passionist priests asked for the boy's help with a "party" at the other end of the country manor.
But as the Passionist priest, the late Fr Austin Smith, said after the Toxteth riot in the 1980s, rioting can be, literally an ecstatic spiritual experience," he said.
Born in Bootle on 2nd January 1923, John joined the Passionist Order in 1956.
In between the two ports are the Forte Filippo fortress, dating back to the period of Spanish rule, and the magnificently charming Passionist Convent.