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 (păs′tər-năk′, pə-styĭr-näk′), Boris Leonidovich 1890-1960.
Russian writer whose Doctor Zhivago (1957), a novel of disillusionment with the Russian Revolution, was banned by Soviet authorities. He was forced to refuse the 1958 Nobel Prize for literature.


(ˈpæstəˌnæk; Russian pəstɪrˈnak)
(Biography) Boris Leonidovich (baˈris lɪaˈnidəvitʃ). 1890–1960, Russian lyric poet, novelist, and translator, noted particularly for his novel of the Russian Revolution, Dr. Zhivago (1957). He was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1958, but was forced to decline it


(ˈpæs tərˌnæk)

Boris Leonidovich, 1890–1960, Russian poet, novelist, and translator: declined 1958 Nobel prize.
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Noun1.Pasternak - Russian writer whose best known novel was banned by Soviet authorities but translated and published abroad (1890-1960)
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