Pastoral staff

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(Eccl.) a staff, usually of the form of a shepherd's crook, borne as an official emblem by a bishop, abbot, abbess, or other prelate privileged to carry it. See Crook, and Crosier.

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Dr Barry Morgan visited St Andrew's Major Church in Wales school in Dinas Powys to explain the significance of his pastoral staff, cope and mitre to the children.
The firm, has worked with over 60 different denominations of churches and ministries around the world, and has helped place pastoral staff in the fastest-growing churches according to the Outreach 100 over the past two years, provides consulting services customized for each client's staff structure, long-term and emergency succession planning, and thorough compensation analyses.
At the consecration, Canon White will carry her pastoral staff, presented to her by the Diocese of Newcastle, and made with a traditional Northumbrian ram's horn by Neville Straker of Amble.
When setting up Archway Academy nearly 14 years ago I never imagined that it would expand to the level of requiring 120 employees in various capacities, from valuable administration staff to experienced pastoral staff and knowledgeable tutors in a variety of subjects such as maths, English, construction crafts, hospitality and catering, hair and beauty, art, business and administration.
Judy Toman, a member of the school's pastoral staff, said: "It's the most amazing opportunity we can offer students.
What started as a hashtag on a Facebook and Instagram post by Elim Church in Bangor, where Tim is on the pastoral staff, has become a global phenomenon.
St Hilda is generally depicted wearing a black Benedictine habit, sometimes covered with a colourful robe, holding a pastoral staff in one hand while cradling Whitby Abbey in her other arm.
With apps to fit the needs of churches large and small, My Pocket Church App LLC, is looking to change the way people think of connecting with their pastors, pastoral staff, and fellow church members.
Confidence and maturity are nurtured by experienced academic and pastoral staff, along with an atmosphere of opportunity, enquiry, equality, diversity and excellent structures of care for our students.
After engaging moral philosophers and political theorists, he claims that churches and other religious institutions, with their master narratives, trained pastoral staff, and political independence, are well suited to communicate constructive narratives and moral visions about war.
TV Host Matt Mosier Announces Departure from KARK Will join pastoral staff of New Life Church in North Little Rock.
While teachers and pastoral staff were providing the necessary care and support to youngsters about the A levels to study or, for leavers, preparing to leave for university, the school's support staff were working flat out to complete some great new buildings.