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 (păs′tər-ə-lĭz′əm, pä′stər-)
1. The quality or state of being pastoral. Used especially of a literary work.
2. An economic system or way of life based on the raising and herding of livestock.

pas′tor·al·ist n.


(ˈpæs tər əˌlɪz əm, ˈpɑ stər-)

the herding of domesticated animals as the primary economic activity of a society.


a writing style that focuses on the life of shepherds or herdsman. — pastoralist, n.
See also: Literary Style
the herding or tending of cattle as a primary economic activity or occupation. Also pasturage. — pastoralist, n. — pastoral, adj.
See also: Economics
the herding or tending of cattle as a primary economic activity or occupation. Also called pasturage. — pastoralist, n.pastoral, adj.
See also: Agriculture
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Hedisliked the music of Benjamin Britten and, as he can be accused of being an English pastorialist of the so called cow-pat school, that is not surprising.
The same is true about the appearance of African indigenous representatives before the Working Group in recent years, such as the Touareque from Mali; Kwanyama Tribe and the Rehoboth Baster Community of the Republic of Namibia; Ogoni from Nigeria; Minorities Twa Du from Rwanda, East Pastorialist, Hadzabe People, Korongoro Integrated Peoples Oriented to Conversation and Tanganikeld People from Tanzania; the Southern Sudan Group; and the Sengwer Cherangany Cultural Group and Maa Development Association from Kenya.
Here and there in this vast expanse of grassland and bush and mighty volcanic mountains live a fascinating people, pastorialists and cultivators and even hunter-gatherers, half as old as time.