Patella vulgata

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Noun1.Patella vulgata - marine limpetPatella vulgata - marine limpet        
limpet - any of various usually marine gastropods with low conical shells; found clinging to rocks in littoral areas
genus Patella, Patella - type genus of the family Patellidae: common European limpets
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2008), Patella vulgata (Blackmore 1969) or Cymbula nigra (Rivera-Ingraham 2010).
tusk shell ([section]) GASTROPODA Patellidae Patella caerulea * Linne limpet Patella vulgata * Linne limpet Patella Pennant limpet depressa=intermedia * Patella aspera * Lamarck limpet Patella rustica=lusitanica * Gmelin limpet Siphonariidae Siphonaria sp.