Paternal government

(Polit. Science) the assumption by the governing power of a quasi-fatherly relation to the people, involving strict and intimate supervision of their business and social concerns, upon the theory that they are incapable of managing their own affairs.

See also: Paternal

References in classic literature ?
I was dispatched, accordingly, in the troopship "Orontes," and landed a month later on Portsmouth jetty, with my health irretrievably ruined, but with permission from a paternal government to spend the next nine months in attempting to improve it.
The Nation lauded them for being "in favor of giving the individual citizen the widest freedom to earn his living unhampered by a paternal government.
Such that the vast majority of our nation's private wealth has its roots in private venture investing and entrepreneurial activity, we maintain that the experience of private venture investing is a right of every investor, rather than a privilege that is to be bestowed upon an individual by an overly paternal government or regulatory regime based on arbitrary and bigoted notions of an investor's "class" and relative wisdom.
Put that way, a paternal Government is right to do what it can.
Many of them take advantage of the Immigration Hall, which a paternal government provides.
We want a paternal government to look a little after our interests, to legislate for us fairly, to spend what we should have properly among us, to teach us, and to keep a tight rein over idleness, recklessness, apathy.