n.1.One who, or that which, makes a way or path.
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Now, he is receiving the Roderick Palmore Pathmaker Award for "unyielding vision, integrity, conviction and authenticity.
Department of Energy, Renata Simril, Senior Vice President, External Affairs for The LA Dodgers, and Denita Willoughby, Regional Vice President at Southern California Gas Company with PathMaker awards, which recognize women in our community who exemplify the characteristics of a PathMaker, one who blazes a path for others to follow and encourages and inspires along the way.
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Trexler, of course, was not the only pathmaker - Brian Pullan had carried out similar work on Venice and Natalie Zemon Davis on Lyons, to mention just two other Anglo-American scholars who tilled so well the socio-anthropological field and produced a bounty of ground breaking scholarship.
A Pathmaker Intern at the New Palomar Hospital since 2013, Sarmiento has completed more than 250 hours of service.
com)-- The 2014 recipients of the EmpowHer PathMaker Award; Musette Buckley, Senior Vice President Warner Bros.
com)-- The Girls to Greatness Gala Reception was held on Thursday April 25th, 2013 to honor exemplary women for their community work with a PathMaker award, the event, which took place in the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood was put together with the help of the strong involvement of the Empowher Institute volunteers.
com)-- The event will honor female leaders with the Pathmaker Award, which honors exemplary women in the community who have created opportunities for girls and women in their work.
Flagship North American Partners Include Accelera, CBE, CRT Group, GO IT Services, Group Captiva, Identiphi, Laurus Technologies, Logic Trends, Pathmaker, THISA, Tribridge and Vigilar