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 (pä′trĕ) also Pa·tras (pə-trăs′, păt′rəs)
A city of southern Greece in the northwest Peloponnesus on the Gulf of Pátrai, or Gulf of Patras, an inlet of the Ionian Sea. The city was an important trade center by the fifth century bc but declined before the Roman conquest of Greece (146 bc). Its commercial importance revived during the Middle Ages.


(pəˈtræs; ˈpætrəs)
(Placename) a port in W Greece, in the NW Peloponnese on the Gulf of Patras (an inlet of the Ionian Sea): one of the richest cities in Greece until the 3rd century bc; under Turkish rule from 1458 to 1687 and from 1715 until the War of Greek Independence, which began here in 1821. Pop: 193 000 (2005 est). Modern Greek name: Pátrai


(pəˈtræs, ˈpæ trəs)

1. Greek, Pa•trai (ˈpɑ trɛ) a seaport in the Peloponnesus, in W Greece, on the Gulf of Patras. 112,000.
2. Gulf of, an inlet of the Ionian Sea in the NW Peloponnesus, 10 mi. (16 km) long; 25 mi. (40 km) wide.
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Noun1.Patras - a port city in western Greece in the northwestern Peloponnese on an inlet of the Ionian Sea; was a major trade center from the 5th century BC to the 3rd century BC; commercial importance revived during the Middle Ages
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He holds an HDR in Economics from the University Pierre Mendes France (Grenoble 2); a PhD and Masters in Architectural Studies from the Department of Town and Regional Planning, University of Sheffield, England; and a Diploma in Civil Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece.
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