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A landholder in New Netherland who, under Dutch colonial rule, was granted proprietary and manorial rights to a large tract of land in exchange for bringing 50 new settlers to the colony.

[Dutch, from French patron, patron, master, from Old French; see patron.]


(Historical Terms) (in the US) a Dutch land-holder in New Netherland and New York with manorial rights in the colonial era
[C18: from Dutch: patron1]
paˈtroonˌship n



a person who held an estate in land with certain manorial privileges granted under the old Dutch governments of New York and New Jersey.
[1655–65; < Dutch < French < Latin patrōnus]
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Charley Rosen was an assistant of Jackson's with the Albany Patroons, and reported for blog (http://www.
Patroons & Periaguas: Enslaved Watermen and Watercraft of the Lowcountry
Meminger had short coaching stints with the New York Stars in theWomen's Basketball League, the Albany Patroons in the CBA and the Long Island Knights in the USBL.
was; before she met her husband, she was a cheerleader for the Albany Patroons of the old Continental Basketball Association and used to go to the Worcester Auditorium when the Patroons played the Bay State Bombardiers.
Boaz, maandblad van de Vereeniging van Nederlandsche patroons "Boaz " (January 12, 1900).
In 1644, the Dutch Board of Accounts advised that for the purposes of cultivating land and growing wheat on Manhattan Island, "it would not be unwise to allow, at the request of the Patroons, Colonists and other farmers the introduction from Brazil, there, of as many Negroes as they would be disposed to pay for at a fair price.
Patroons owned whole villages as well as fishing rights.
ALBANY PATROONS - Signed G Haron Hargrave, G Pierre Wooten, G Jason Williams, and G Jamaal Miller.
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We view Jackson's development as a coach, first in the Continental Basketball Association with the Albany Patroons and later with the powerhouse Bulls and Lakers.
Patroons often reserved the right to extract minerals and set up mills on the tenants' land and to cross it in order to cut timber on other parts of the landlord's extensive holdings.