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A city of southwest France in the foothills of the Pyrenees south of Bordeaux. It is a year-round tourist center.


adj. Hawaii
All done or gone; finished: Unfortunately, my money is pau.

[Hawaiian, from Proto-Polynesian *pau.]


(French po)
(Placename) a city in SW France: residence of the French kings of Navarre; tourist centre for the Pyrenees. Pop: 84 978 (2007)


abbreviation for
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Pan American Union



a city in SW France: resort. 85,056.


Pan American Union.
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Along with the election of Paus, the VDMA board named as Construction Equipment and Building Material Plants Groups deputy chairs, respectively, Joachim Strobel, sales director of Liebherr EMtec GmbH, and Herrmann Weckenmann, executive director.
Paus engines do not dissipate power, thereby protecting the mine power network.
Prof Dr Safdar Hassan Sial, President PAUS Faisalabad chapter, presented the citation of Prof Farrukh A Khan.
Paus,who rodeasanamateurfromthe ageof14,startedtraininginNorwayin 1959.
All I would tell him is stick to what you know," said Paus, who started seven games as a redshirt freshman and split time in two others.
It was me; I take all the blame," said Paus, who was 14-for-36 for 211 yards and four interceptions.
Paus is also supplying carriers to other manufacturers.
However, Stanback is much more nimble, and runs more option plays than Paus, who is more of a pocket passer.
The fact the Bruins played 22 freshmen, showed admirable grit most times and lost quarterback Cory Paus at midseason were, in the end, of no consequence.
Though Toledo entered the season under scrutiny, it appeared his job was safe after the team overcame the midseason loss of starting quarterback Cory Paus to win three consecutive games behind his freshmen replacements, Drew Olson and Matt Moore, and boost its record to 7-3.
There isn't a UCLA player who struggles to come up with a reason to beat USC, but there isn't a Bruin who has more reasons than senior quarterback Cory Paus.
Haven't seen replays of Paus being sacked five times.