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n.1.(Zool.) One of a peculiar kind of spines covering the surface of certain starfishes. They are pillarlike, with a flattened summit which is covered with minute spinules or granules. See Illustration in Appendix.
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Organic acids and water-soluble phenolics produced by Paxillus sp 60/92 together show antifungal activity against Pythium vexans under acidic culture conditions.
Moreover, direct effect of pH and temperature on protease activity have been reported in the secreted enzyme fraction of birch roots colonized by Paxillus inovolutus (Bending and Read, 1995) or of the mycelium of Hebeloma sp.
15]N-labelled ammonium to follow the N uptake and assimilation by Rhizopogon roseolus, Suillus bovines, Pisolithus tinctorius and Paxillus involutus associated with Pinus sylvestris and found that glutamine/glutamic acid, alanine and aspartate/asparagines were important nitrogen sinks and that amino acids were used for N storage.
Steeve Bonneville of the University of Leeds in England and his colleagues set up a lab test to study the effects of the fungi Paxillus involutus on biotite, a potassium-rich mineral found in granite and other rock types.
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Jacob et al [24] observed increased laccase transcription in Paxillus involutus under cadmium stress.
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Hence, one may question whether the fungal cell wall forms an effective sink for aluminum such as iron (II) in Cenococcum graniforme and zinc in Paxillus (Rodrigues et al.
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