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1.(Mil.) In the United States army, an officer of the rank of brigadier general, who commands the pay department, which is charged with the payment of the officers and men.
2.In Great Britain, an officer of the Treasury who makes all payments and disbursements, civil as well as military. He is a member of the ministry, but not of the cabinet.
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After the brilliant failure of his first theatrical venture, he dared not return to the lodging which he occupied in the Rue Grenier-sur-l'Eau, opposite to the Port-au-Foin, having depended upon receiving from monsieur the provost for his epithalamium, the wherewithal to pay Master Guillaume Doulx-Sire, farmer of the taxes on cloven-footed animals in Paris, the rent which he owed him, that is to say, twelve sols parisian; twelve times the value of all that he possessed in the world, including his trunk-hose, his shirt, and his cap.
Improved turn-around time envisaged owing to the decentralisation of pay master services to labour centres In a quest to try and speed up service delivery and processing of Unemployment Insurance Fund benefits claims, the Department of Labour in the Free State resolved to decentralise Pay Master services to Labour Centres.
Islamkot, Kunri City-III, Mithi City, Diplo, Chelhar and Mithi Feeders, the spokesman informed and added that the meeting directed the HESCO management not to carry out load shedding in these areas under Good Pay Master Consumers Programme.
There is only one pay master which is the government of India to oil companies.
On the one hand, Berlin, as the eurozone's pay master, seeks fiscal austerity to ensure that its money and aid go to good purpose, to alleviate future financial strains.
Despite earning a wage as pay master for the Navy, Dickens' father served time in Marshalsea prison for failing to pay his debts," he explains.
The organizations use a common pay master to handle their payrolls;
It is scandalous that in sports where gambling is a prime motivation, and often the pay master, so little emphasis is put on cleaning up the sport and giving the punter a fair chance.
Held in Las Vegas last week, Northland showcased at the NABD some of C-Chip's most recent products under the Northland banner, including the Pay Master, the Pathfinder 1 & 2 as credit management solutions, and the CrimeStopper 1 & 2 as security solutions for vehicles and the power sport industry.
a publicly traded company, recently began distributing free Pay Master units to many Los Angeles businesses, including car washes, hair salons, and hotels.
com) as the first Internet casino to receive Pay Master credit-card payments.
We must sack this vile French company along with its pay master - the Tory-led Government.