Pay office

a place where payment is made.

See also: Pay

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John Dickens, the father, was a clerk with a small salary in the Navy Pay Office, and his son Charles was born in 1812 at Portsea.
Tenders are invited for Annual technical support for oracle 9i at naval pay office for 03 years
Under the terms of the merger agreement, Staples will pay Office Depot a USD 250m break-up fee.
And so, for a while, Mr Evans' own car, an Austin 1100, doubled up as the pay office.
I suggest that you write to your pay office with a chronology of what has transpired, provide copies of any affected pay slips and rosters etc and request payment within three working days.
And in January 2008 SSgt Weaver deployed to Joint Task Force-Bravo Soto Cano AB in Honduras as the Defense Military Pay Office Chief of Disbursing.
Dubai Airports is always on the lookout for ways to augment and improve services for passengers travelling through Dubai," said Eman Al Suwaidi- Head of Retail Services - Dubai Airports "We welcome the expansion of the Emirates NBD pay office network across the two terminals, as they will facilitate offering greater value-added services to the tens of thousands of passengers who travel through Dubai, every day.
Still I can't complain, I ended up as a Corporal in the Battalion Pay Office.
Its pay office provided rehearsal and equipment storage space for the 41-members.
Those who don't have access to the Web, either at home or at work, should contact their respective reserve or civilian pay office.
For the past decade the 41-member band has been based in the pit's old pay office, which it uses for rehearsals and to store its instruments, equipment and 2,000-piece music library.
Limited by their pay office and the services or supplies they offer, vendors can create commercial invoices, services invoices (services 2-in-1), supply invoices (combo: receiving report and invoice), and/or cost vouchers, etc.