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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: advance - an amount paid before it is earnedcash advance - an amount paid before it is earned  
amount, amount of money, sum, sum of money - a quantity of money; "he borrowed a large sum"; "the amount he had in cash was insufficient"
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CHRISTMAS can cost 72% more on a payday loan says an advice service which has helped more than 1,000 people struggling with debt in Kirklees since April.
In tough economic times we know some Alberta families turn to payday loan services to help them deal with financial challenges.
However, despite being used by 12 million Americans in 2010 - the last year during which a significant payday loan usage study was completed - 84% of Americans say the fees are unfair.
Payday loan interest rates are as high as 25% per 2- to 4-week loans and individuals use a post-dated check to secure the loan.
Thirty-five states have no restrictions on payday lending, leaving far too many Americans vulnerable to the payday loan industry.
Teenagers as young as 16 are being crippled by payday loan debt, charities have warned.
PAYDAY loan firms could be banned from advertising before the watershed, after the Bishop of Birmingham led a debate raising concerns about the impact of advertising on children.
PAYDAY loan borrowers are paying the price for a lack of competition in the market, according to a watchdog.
If you would be willing to talk anonymously about your payday loan experiences, email map.
Uncle Buck is an established payday loans lender that has been in the payday loans market for a while now, so we know what our customers like and dislike about our services and we do value customer feedback on our payday loan customer service.
PLANS to slash the number of payday loan shops and bookies in town centres were unveiled yesterday at a Scottish Government summit.
The Commission's progress report estimated that around one million people took out a payday loan in the UK in 2012.