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If this bad legislation backed by GILA passes, ordinary Georgians now using payday advance responsibly will have nowhere to go to get a small, unsecured cash advance to cover unexpected expenses between paydays," said Steve Benjamin, counsel for the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA).
The Georgia Industrial Loan Association (GILA), a powerful lobbying group composed of owners of small installment loan companies, is attempting to persuade the House Banks and Banking Committee to support a proposed law that will eliminate their competition and allow GILA companies to dominate the small lending market by outlawing the popular payday advance industry in Georgia.
The new law would fine and imprison hundreds of reputable, hard-working small business owners in Georgia and force hundreds of thousands of consumers to seek financial relief from unscrupulous operators in an underground market of disguised payday loan-type products.
net) is the trade association of reputable payday advance companies adhering to a strict code of best practices that offer significant consumer protection, information and education.
The GILA law is a House substitute to Senate Bill 157, which would also outlaw payday lending and fine and imprison lenders.
Evidence Suggests No Adverse Effects of Payday Lending on Military Members," by Susan Payne Carter and William Skimmyhorn.
Congress effectively banned payday lending to active members of the military in 2007.
The first paper found no differences in separation from service or denial of security clearances because of bad credit among those with and without access to payday lending.
The Payday Loan Industry's Relationship with Sovereign Immunity
At first glance, payday loan companies and American Indian (2)
This Note addresses the movement of payday loan companies onto
to avoid state interest rate cap laws and endangering the payday loan