Peach color

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the pale red color of the peach blossom.

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A tip: I would recommend using a light-colored maple syrup to keep the peach color as bright as possible.
One case of Depend pull-on underwear: The winner gets to choose any size of Depend absorbent underwear in the new soft peach color or popular Silhouette style for women.
1 Echo Home's Cost Rica collection has a central motif in a peach color.
While it has a similar layout to the overall company site, the Atlanta site is differentiated by a peach color scheme.
Atlanta, a city that loves its peaches, is a great place for Habidecor, a bath and accent rug company, to launch its new peach color palette.
The restaurant is attractively decorated in a black, white and peach color scheme with white tablecloths.
Red and peach colors frequently contained lead or cadmium well over 100 ppm.
The comfortable spacious cafe is beautifully decorated with bamboo and wicker furniture, warm natural peach colors.
In his works for the main gallery, Neto's attention turned to the fantastic landscape that arises from the fabric's various shades: A web of changing pink and peach colors spreads across the entire room, rising in many places to about shoulder height, the abstract geography recalling a coral reef.