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The sport of climbing as many mountains as possible, especially those that meet certain criteria of altitude or prominence.

[peak + bag, to capture, achieve.]

peak′bag′ger n.
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Such was the challenge of New York's 4,000-foot peaks "back in the day" when the entrepreneur of winter peak bagging, a man named Edgar B.
I eventually realized his oration could be the cure-all for predictable peak bagging.
We'll have time for photography, peak bagging, catch-and-release fishing, and relaxation.
His diligence was in sharp contrast to Shipton's almost romantic attachment to lightweight mountain exploration and peak bagging.
One layover day along this challenging route will offer peak bagging, lake exploration, and swimming.
In addition to McClure Meadow, one of the most lush meadows in the Sierra, we'll have two layover days for peak bagging.
This ten-day, 50-mile loop will include four layover days for exploring, peak bagging, flowering, fishing, and/or relaxing by timberline lakes and streams.