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 (pîr′sən), Lester Bowles 1897-1972.
Canadian politician who served as prime minister (1963-1968). He won the 1957 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the negotiation of a solution to the Suez crisis (1956).


1. (Biography) Karl. 1857–1936, British mathematician, noted for his work in statistics, esp as applied to biological problems
2. (Biography) Lester B(owles). 1897–1972, Canadian Liberal statesman; prime minister (1963–68): Nobel peace prize 1957 for helping to resolve the Suez crisis (1956)


(ˈpɪər sən)

Lester Bowles, 1897–1972, prime minister of Canada 1963–68: Nobel peace prize 1957.
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Tobias Pearson was not among the earliest emigrants from the old country.
Pearson was a man of some consideration, being a representative to the General Court and an approved lieutenant in the trainbands, yet within a week after his adoption of Ilbrahim he had been both hissed and hooted.
On the second Sabbath after Ilbrahim became a member of their family, Pearson and his wife deemed it proper that he should appear with them at public worship.
Tobias Pearson was agitated and uneasy, but a certain feeling like the consciousness of guilt oppressed him, so that he could not go forth and offer himself as the protector of the child.
She turned her face upon the male auditors, and after a momentary delay, Tobias Pearson came forth from among them.
Farewell, friends in mine extremity," she said to Pearson and his wife; "the good deed ye have done me is a treasure laid up in heaven, to be returned a thousand-fold hereafter.
When Pearson and his wife had thus acquired all the rights over Ilbrahim that could be delegated, their affection for him became like the memory of their native land, or their mild sorrow for the dead, a piece of the immovable furniture of their hearts.
RAY PEARSON and Hal Winters were farm hands em- ployed on a farm three miles north of Winesburg.
But this is not the story of Windpeter Winters nor yet of his son Hal who worked on the Wills farm with Ray Pearson.
The whole world seemed to Ray Pearson to have become alive with something just as he and Hal had suddenly become alive when they stood in the corn field stating into each other's eyes.
Darkness began to spread over the fields as Ray Pearson ran on and on.
Ray Pearson lost his nerve and this is really the end of the story of what happened to him.