Pectoral fins

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(Zool.) fins situated on the sides, behind the gills. See Illust. under Fin.

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They are bottom fish that normally swim slowly or crawl over open sand and shell bottoms using free rays from their pectoral fins that act like legs.
The faster families of fishes generally are more streamlined with longer pectoral fins and greater height of dorsal and caudal fins.
Twenty-four of these were reef fish, including two species of epaulette shark, one of which appears to 'walk' on its pectoral fins.
Rocks and shells are lifted and overturned using the fingerlike, free rays of the pectoral fins, leaving the mouth available for prey capture.
The Flying Gurnard, which has huge pectoral fins used for defence and quick escapes, was caught by a trawler in the Gregory Sound between Inis Meain and Inis Mur off the Galway coast.
At the approach of an edible sea creature, the batfish pushes off with leglike pectoral fins and sucks up its supper.
They have three sharp spines located on their bodies: one on the front of the dorsal, or back fin; and one on each of the two pectoral fins located just behind the head on the side of the belly.
Readily identified by their extended pectoral fins, albacore follow bands of 60- to 61-degree water chasing anchovies, sardines and squid, said Jerry Spratt, a Department of Fish and Game biologist with the Monterey office.
9), fin tips when depressed reaching from slightly beyond base of anal-fin origin in most paratypes to base of second soft anal ray in holotype; length of pectoral fins 1.
The results indicated that the body weight, total length and average length of paired pectoral fins of L.