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A man who has sexual relations, especially anal intercourse, with a boy.

[Greek paiderastēs : pais, paid-, child; see pedo-2 + erastēs, lover (from erasthai, to love).]

ped′er·as′ty n.


(ˈpɛdəˌræst) or sometimes


a man who practises pederasty


(ˈpɛd əˌræst, ˈpi də-)

a man who engages in pederasty.
[1720–30; < Greek paiderastḗs lover of boys =paid- ped- + erastḗs lover, derivative of erân to love, with -tēs agent suffix]
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Noun1.pederast - a man who has sex (usually sodomy) with a boy as the passive partner
degenerate, deviant, deviate, pervert - a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior


[ˈpedəræst] Npederasta mf


nPäderast m


[ˈpɛdərˌæst] npederasta m
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We've suffered the big hits: the priest who molested 150 children, the pastor who gambled away the parish endowment, the bishop who covered up the pederasts.
Peniston (author of Pederasts and Others: Urban Culture and Sexual Identity in Nineteenth-Century Paris, 2004) and Nancy Erber (coeditor of Disorder in the Court: Trials and Sexual Conflict at the Turn of the Century, 1999) have made available to English-speakers a group of eight "autobiographies" of nineteenth-century homosexual men.
Hates the society that rejects him because of his vices and associates with pederasts, prostitutes, pimps, and other miscreants.
By and large, until the onset of the Inquisition the church's focus was on penance, and while penance would take different forms (even for the same offense) from the laity to the clergy, the church was not in the business of torturing or killing homosexuals, adulterers, pederasts and bestialists.
He is the leader of an institution - one of the wealthiest on earth - that attracts pederasts and paedophiles into its ranks and grants them privileged access to children.
But it is at the expense of those whose lives have been ruined by the pederasts the church has shielded.
He ended his accusation by calling for drastic actions against those he characterized as moral perverts and dangerous pederasts.
were to make a film portraying Jews as pederasts, money-grubbers, and depraved lunatics -- which is how Mohammed was portrayed -- would our first instinct be to champion their right to free speech?
From such perversion, Dexter assures Hughie, America has been saved: "We have no pederasts.
Some traditional priests are deserting for the Roman church, presumably preferring paedophiles to pederasts.
Tormented by his schoolmates, he questions Trish tearfully about exactly what pederasts do to boys and whether the behavior is inherited.
In Pederasts and Others, William Peniston has written the most detailed and revelatory exploration to date of the lives of lower class men who had sex with other men in nineteenth-century Paris.