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n.1.(Zool.) One of the second pair of mouth organs of arachnids. In some they are leglike, but in others, as the scorpion, they terminate in a claw.
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vagans Polypedilum marcondesi Nidularium innocentii, Vriesea vagans Polypedilum panacu Tillandsia guatemalensis Polypedilum Eryngium pandanifolium parthenogeneticum Polypedilum Bromeliads pedipalpus ** Polypedilum solimoes Aeehmea lindeni, Canistrum lindenii, Neoregelia laevis, Nidularium innocentii, Vriesea philippocoburgii, V.
Trochanter of pedipalpus with strong acute apical spur and short mesal spur, femur with strong, curved and short (1/3 the length of femur) ventromesal spur (Fig.
Lawrence (1931, 1934, 1937) emended Roewer's diagnosis (Roewer 1915) with some characters of the pedipalpus and described an additional 17 species in the genus from South Africa; one (C.