Pelican in her piety

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a representation of a pelican in the act of wounding her breast in order to nourish her young with her blood; - a practice fabulously attributed to the bird, on account of which it was adopted as a symbol of the Redeemer, and of charity.

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org will be conducting silent auctions and other activities in concert with other local businesses to raise funding for the establishment of a Living Her Story Museum in the Old Town Home built in 1925 by relatives who may have been Freemasons, according to hints found in the family crest with a pelican in her piety, a golden nest.
To really enter into the spirit of a truly British Sunday afternoon we ventured along the South Wales coastline for a bracing seaside walk, tracing the grassy cliffs of Ogmore-by-Sea, before driving two minutes inland to the Pelican in her Piety.
I think a lunch at The Pelican in her Piety is in order, and then I'll be heading off for a two-hour horse ride along the coast.
The Pelican in Her Piety, just outside Ogmore by Sea in the Vale of Glamorgan, bills itself as a pub for real ale, real food and real countryside.
Also included in the book's list are: The Railway, Devon Road, Bridgend; The Vale of Glamorgan Inn, High Street, Cowbridge; The Albany Hotel, Donald Street, Roath and The Pelican in Her Piety, Ogmore Village.
I was very interested to read the explanation of how Ogmore-by-Sea's Pelican in her Piety Inn got its name from the coat of arms of the Carne family (Echo, December 29).
The girl was assaulted by a gang of men at the Pelican in Her Piety pub in Ogmore-by-Sea, Vale of Glamorgan.