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1. Of, relating to, or prescribing punishment, as for breaking the law.
2. Subject to punishment; legally punishable: a penal offense.
3. Serving as or constituting a means or place of punishment: penal servitude; a penal colony.

[Middle English, from Old French peinal and from Medieval Latin pēnālis, both from Latin poenālis, from poena, penalty, from Greek poinē; see kwei- in Indo-European roots.]

pe′nal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.penally - in a punishing manner
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Penally Abbey Hotel, based near Tenby, was purchased by T Lucas and Melanie Boissevain in July when the previous owners decided to retire from the business after managing it for more than 30 years.
For a romantic candlelit dinner in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park visit the historic sixth century Penally Abbey which is set in acres of Woodland.
Penally Abbey Country House Hotel and Restaurant, Tenby 15.