n.1.Slope; inclination.
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They said earlier a majority would allow them to declare indeA[degrees] pendence from Spain.
01 Reject conditional Do not reject conditional dence ([alpha] = pendence (a = 0.
The only thing left to wonder is would Liverpool vote yes to inde pendence, or - like Scotland - decide we're "Better Together"?
If the Slovaks wanted inde pendence, they could have it.
He is a North Walian royalist with a more sceptical view of inde pendence.
And, according to Rosenberg, "while the state hospitals were revolutionary in that time, we learned that long-term institutional living at best results in de pendence and at worst abuse.
Outcomes of managing disability benefits among patients with substance de' pendence and severe mental illness.
It's been featured in movies as diverse as "Blow," "Inde- pendence Day," "Pulp Fiction" and "Streets of Fire.
For England, they were the Battle of Hastings (which established Norman rule) and the Battle of Britain (which maintained England's independence from the Axis powers); for The Shire, these were the Battle of Greenfield, which gave hobbits autonomous control of The Shire (Fellowship 24), and the Battle of Bywater, which maintained hobbit inde pendence from the dictatorship of Saruman.
The problem is that care systems have barely served many such families before and that many parents previously rejected institutional care (the only service available) and cared for their children beyond the time when children normally grow up and establish their own inde pendence.