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(ˈpɛn dən si)

n., pl. -cies.
the state of being pending.
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On the issue of huge pendency in refund regime, he assured his full support for expeditious processing and payment of all outstanding refunds.
The Economic Survey 2017-18 focuses on the need to address the issues of pendency, delays and backlogs in the appellate and judicial arenas towards Ease of Doing Business.
He said that the SCCI had focused to resolve issue of pending refunds as pendency had soared to around Rs4 billion and period of pendency had increased to more than 18 months.
The direction was given during a meeting of the Council of Chairmen held at the Parliament House to avoid any pendency and ensure the tradition that the house completes its assigned tasks before expiry of its members' tenure.
The Committee recommended enhancement of new gas connections in wake of huge number of pendency with the gas distribution companies.
AS CHIEF Justice J S Khehar urged judges across the country to work during vacations to reduce pendency, the Supreme Court judges are going to set an example for the high courts and subordinate court judges.
Arroyo said the high court had ruled in many cases that detainees are entitled to bail if their continuous confinement during the pendency of their case would be injurious to their health or endanger their life.
Islamabad -- Chairman NAB, Qamar Zaman Chaudhry has taken serious view of increase in pendency at various stages of enforcement work and has directed all concerned to be more pro-active in this regard.
Kumar said backlog and pendency of cases in courts is a major problem affecting dispensation of timely justice.
An overlooked and useful tool may exist to protect brokers who are savvy to include in their exclusive agreement an express provision for a notice of pendency to protect them from developers who refuse to pay a commission.
The court held that the limitations period for a [section] 1983 was equitably tolled during the pendency of the inmate's administrative grievance against officials, and that equitable tolling was also appropriate for the duration of the inmate's previous pro se [section] 1983 action arising from the same incident.
the jury is restricted to considering only evidence of bad faith which occurred prior to the filing of the lawsuit, or, whether [the jury] may consider evidence of an insurer's bad-faith conduct occurring during the pendency of litigation.