Pendulum bob

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the weight at the lower end of a pendulum.

See also: Pendulum

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The elegant pendulum bob is characterised by the magnitude 3.
The amplitude (distance the pendulum bob swings) does not affect the time it takes (frequency) to make one complete swing (period).
If your clock has a pendulum, you can fine-tune its tempo for proper timekeeping by adjusting the regulating nut underneath the pendulum bob.
Old tower clocks at Sacred Heart Church on Georgetown's Main Street, the Public Hospital, the Muneshwer Building, and the city's three public markets are showing how efficiently the well-engineered traditional timekeeper of the past can behave: the silent dance of gear wheels, the so-familiar "tick-tock" of the escapement mechanism, the slow arc of the large, heavy pendulum bob swinging hypnotically in its pit below, and the massive driving weights, looking for all the world like airborne anchors, suspended in the gloom far beneath.