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n.1.See Pinfold.
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A rare error at the back put Cov under pressure and Ben Penfold kicked a penalty for the visitors, but Cov were well on top territorially and two minutes later Rob Knox picked a perfect angle to carve through for the second home try, again converted by Maisey.
Ben Penfold replied with a penalty, but Cov were well on top and as the penalty count mounted, Rob Knox picked a perfect angle to carve through for the second home try, again converted by Maisey.
The Poly victory was built on the fastest women's time of the day by Charlotte Penfold, while the quickest man on the course was Morpeth's Ross Floyd, who beat a hasty retreat after his stint to engage in a miserable afternoon at St James' Park
Justice Hilary Penfold PSM QC has announced that she will be retiring as Resident Judge of the Supreme Court of the ACT.
Introducing Scarlett Johamster, who will shortly be joining Danger Mouse and Penfold on their TV adventures, which returned last year after a 23-year gap.
Spire Yale Hospital has donated a specialist paediatric resuscitation kit to the Northern Cleft Foundation which one of its consultants, Chris Penfold, has actively supported for 10 years.
He was aided by his reluctant assistant Penfold - voiced by Terry Scott - who most viewers believed was a mole.
Corrales and Penfold have updated their critique of Venezuela and Ch[sz]vez to incorporate the death of Chavez in office in 2013 and the resulting political vacuum, Venezuela becoming possibly the worst-run economy in the world, and the ruling party losing its once unassailable electoral competitiveness.
Bridesmaids/flowergirls: Chief maid of honour Alice Penfold, 32, bridesmaids Hannah Humphry- Baker, 31, and Lauren Wallis, 31, and flowergirls Gracie Daglish one, Beatrix Lewith, two and Isabella Penfold, four.
CBBC have revealed they will be bringing back the rodent superhero and his sidekick Penfold for an all-new series.
Jesse Penfold from Guildford, Surrey, used the false names John Bull and John Ball to trade in scrap metal between the gang's companies - Shavondra in Cyprus and IED Ltd in the UK.
Global Banking News-March 4, 2013--Cameron Penfold on WIB Awards panels(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.