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n. pl. bac·u·la or bac·u·lums
The bone of the penis of many mammals, including most rodents, carnivores, and nonhuman primates. Also called os penis.

[New Latin, from Latin, rod, stick; see bak- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -la (-lə) or -lums
(Zoology) a bony support in the penis of certain mammals, esp the carnivores
[C20: New Latin, from Latin: stick, staff]
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The mammalian baculum (os priapi) is the penis bone found in some to most members of five mammalian orders: Carnivora, Chiroptera, Lipotyphla, Primates and Rodentia.
These were examples of the baculum, the penis bone found in many species of animal, and you can understand that they might give rise to all sorts of questions on the night.
Michael Lough-Stevens of the University of Southern California and his colleagues focused on mammals' mystifying penis bone (baculum) and clitoral bone (baubellum).
According to researchers who studied a collection of penis bones from an extinct species of bear, named Indarctos arctoides, the penis bone size mattered to ancient bears as the females assessed their mates on the basis of their size, Discovery News reported.
The object is a singular chunk of bone--a penis bone.