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 (pĕn′ĭ-tĕn′tā, -tē)
A member of a Roman Catholic brotherhood in parts of the Southwest, of Native American and Hispanic origin, that celebrates the Passion with rites involving fasting and self-flagellation.

[Spanish, from Latin paenitēns, paenitent-, penitent; see penitent.]
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Academics dissect Tom of Finland, Los Penitentes and ladies in the Marvel Universe.
Fonda's Funeral Parlor, the Archeletra and Hireles families, and the theft of a dead body by a group of Penitentes, a small, lay confraternity of Roman Catholic men in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado given to self-flagellation.
This integrated ethnographic and theological study of the Penitentes of Arroyo Seco, N.
A tout peche misericorde, comme l'indiquent le nom choisi pour les religieuses et l'emploi du terme << penitentes >>.
The Penitentes were a key institution of a borderland, emerging in the isolation of a region whose remoteness and political turmoil had left it beyond the reach of not only Spanish, French, and American colonial control, but also that of the Roman Catholic Church, which drove the Penitentes underground and tried to suppress them in the nineteenth century.
O Espelho de penitentes, e chronica da Provincia de Santa Maria da Arrabida (1728), de Antonio da Piedade, (28) e, como indica o titulo, uma narrativa dos acontecimentos considerados mais relevantes na historia da provincia da Arrabida, desde seus inicios, em 1539, ate as primeiras decadas do seculo XVII.
Jamaica already was fascinated by Los Penitentes, an ancient religious group that annually, during Easter week, reenacts the Crucifixion, and practices excessive penance.
Friday about the religious iconography of the Penitentes Brotherhood in the American Southwest.
13) See "New Mexico's Passion Play: The Penitentes and Their Self-Inflicted Tortures"; available at http://sacred-texts.
One group that has particularly embraced this spirit is the Fraternidad Piadosa de Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno, commonly known as the Penitentes.