Penny wise

wise or prudent only in small matters; saving small sums while losing larger; penny-wise; - used chiefly in the phrase, penny wise and pound foolish.

See also: Penny

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It would be penny wise and pound foolish for the federal government to not fund this project.
China is penny wise and pound foolish on the battery issue as they prevent Korean companies from making massive investments there," Paik Un-gyu, minister of trade, industry and energy, said in a press conference in Seoul.
There is also an old adage at work here: Penny wise and pound foolish.
One added: "It's being penny wise and pound foolish.
The old saying describes this council very well: Penny wise, pound foolish.
A case, in my opinion, of penny wise and pound foolish.
He said: "The usage of the sovereign grant has at times been penny wise, pound foolish.
If you are penny wise and pound foolish" you'll soon be in the red.
This proposed reduction of staff is another case of people who are remote from the coal face suggesting something penny wise and pound foolish, as well as putting people in real danger.
When we buy ammo shooters often prove the adage: penny wise, pound foolish.
Two members of the groundsman's maintenance staff have been re-employed and Bates added: "We can't afford to let the stadium deteriorate or it's penny wise, pound foolish.