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 (pĕn-stē′mən, pĕn′stə-mən)
Any of numerous plants of the genus Penstemon, native to North America, having opposite leaves, variously colored flowers with a usually two-lipped corolla, and capsules containing many seeds. Also called beardtongue.

[New Latin Pēnstēmōn, genus name : Greek pente, five; see penkwe in Indo-European roots + Greek stēmōn, thread (in reference to its four fertile stamens and single prominent staminode ); see stā- in Indo-European roots.]


(Plants) a variant (esp US) of pentstemon


(pɛnˈsti mən, ˈpɛn stə mən)

any of numerous chiefly North American plants belonging to the genus Penstemon, of the figwort family, some species of which are cultivated for their showy, variously colored flowers. Also called beardtongue.
[< New Latin Pentstemon (1748), irreg. < Greek penta- penta- + stḗmōn thread]
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Noun1.penstemon - large genus of subshrubs or herbs having showy blue or purple or red or yellow or white flowersPenstemon - large genus of subshrubs or herbs having showy blue or purple or red or yellow or white flowers; mostly western North America
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
family Scrophulariaceae, figwort family, foxglove family, Scrophulariaceae - a family of dicotyledonous plants of the order Polemoniales; includes figwort and snapdragon and foxglove and toadflax and speedwell and mullein; in some classifications placed in the order Scrophulariales
golden-beard penstemon, Penstemon barbatus - plant of southwestern United States having long open clusters of scarlet flowers with yellow hairs on lower lip
Penstemon centranthifolius, scarlet bugler - plant with bright red tubular flowers in long narrow clusters near tips of erect stems; coastal ranges from central California southward
red shrubby penstemon, redwood penstemon - low branching dark green shrub with bunches of brick-red flowers at ends of branches; coastal ranges and foothills of northern California
Penstemon cyananthus, Platte River penstemon - erect plant with blue-violet flowers in rings near tips of stems; Idaho to Utah and Wyoming
Davidson's penstemon, Penstemon davidsonii - mat-forming plant with blue and lavender flowers clustered on short erect stems; British Columbia to northern California
hot-rock penstemon, Penstemon deustus - stems in clumps with cream-colored flowers; found from Washington to Wyoming and southward to California and Utah
Jones' penstemon, Penstemon dolius - low plant with light blue and violet flowers in short clusters near tips of stems; Nevada to Utah
lowbush penstemon, Penstemon fruticosus, shrubby penstemon - low bushy plant with large showy pale lavender or blue-violet flowers in narrow clusters at ends of stems
narrow-leaf penstemon, Penstemon linarioides - plant having small narrow leaves and blue-violet flowers in long open clusters; Utah and Colorado to New Mexico and Arizona
mountain pride, Penstemon newberryi - mat-forming plant with deep pink flowers on short erect leafy stems; rocky places at high elevations from Oregon to California
balloon flower, Penstemon palmeri, scented penstemon - fragrant puffed-up white to reddish-pink flowers in long narrow clusters on erect stems; Arizona to New Mexico and Utah
Parry's penstemon, Penstemon parryi - erect stems with pinkish-lavender flowers in long interrupted clusters; Arizona
cliff penstemon, Penstemon rupicola, rock penstemon - one of the West's most beautiful wildflowers; large brilliant pink or rose flowers in many racemes above thick mats of stems and leaves; ledges and cliffs from Washington to California
Penstemon rydbergii, Rydberg's penstemon - plant with whorls of small dark blue-violet flowers; Washington to Wyoming and south to California and Colorado
cascade penstemon, Penstemon serrulatus - whorls of deep blue to dark purple flowers at tips of erect leafy stems; moist places from British Columbia to Oregon
Penstemon whippleanus, Whipple's penstemon - wine and lavender to purple and black flowers in several clusters on the upper half of leafy stems; Montana south through the Rocky Mountains to Arizona and New Mexico
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Then I used Penstemon 'Garnet' in my garden at the Chelsea Flower Show last year and was hooked.
In western North America, species representing at least 15 eudicot families have evolutionarily converged on a narrowly defined suite of floral traits adapted for hummingbird attraction, foraging and pollination (Grant and Grant, 1968), including 10 or more lineages within Penstemon (Wilson et al.
Scatter wildflower seeds including blue flax (Linum lewisii), firecracker penstemon (Penstemon eatonii), lemon beebalm (Monarda austromontana), and Rocky Mountain penstemon (P.
We quantified seed production and viability, floral herbivory and fungal infection on blowout penstemon (Penstemon haydenii S.
Hayloft's first penstemon catalogue offers the largest selection of varieties I have ever seen.
He knows of 15 members of the genus Penstemon that rely on hummingbirds and may have evolved this reliance independently of one another.
My vision was a cabin in the whispering pines, a brook trout stream out back, a field of penstemon and larkspur for the dogs, and a snowy peak to fill the picture window.
There are a wide range of colours - mostly pinks, reds and purples, though there are even species of penstemon with yellow flowers.
Penstemon cuttings taken this time last year and potted last autumn are bursting with energy and being planted out.
If you live in a frost pocket, penstemon may be shortlived and needs protection of a dry winter mulch in cooler areas.