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com offers 2014 Market Research Report on Global and China Phosphorus pentachloride Industry, a 163 pages market intelligence premium study published in July 2014.
This is a professional and depth research report on Global and China Phosphorus pentachloride industry.
Along with China, this report presents economic environment analysis of Europe, United States, Japan and other global regions for phosphorus pentachloride market.
Table of Contents for 2014 Market Research Report on Global and China Phosphorus pentachloride Industry cover :
Chapter One Phosphorus pentachloride Industry Overview 1.
The studies on the plasmochemical recovery of niobium and tantalum pentachloride were executed on a pilot arc plasmochemical installation of the Institute of Metallurgy of the Russian Academy of Science.
However, the nanopowders of niobium and tantalum obtained in the reconstruction of pentachloride have a reduced threshold of pyrophoricity due to the adsorbed layer of hydrogen chloride on their surface.
The main goal of this experimental research was to study and optimize the plasmochemical process of the production of tantalum and niobium nanopowders (20-150 nm) from their pentachlorides at pilot scale in the heated up to 3500 K hydrogen stream in a plasmatron.
The experimental studies and pilot scale tests of niobium and tantalum pentachlorides reduction were carried out in the heated up over 3000 K plasma stream from the arc plasmatron with a power of 15-100 kW.
To study this phenomenon, the rate of dosing pentachlorides was varied in the range from 1 to 10 g/min.
Among the doping materials are electron acceptors such as iodine and antimony pentachloride.
Lacour's synthesis of trisphat acid from tetrachlorobenzene-1,2-diol (tetrachlorocatechol) and phosphorus pentachloride was investigated and required modification.