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n.1.(Chem.) A hydrocarbon obtained by decomposition of certain piperidine derivatives.
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This radical is delocalized over the pentadiene structure and reacts with oxygen to produce the peroxy radical and conjugation in the fatty acid ester chain (II).
Key statement: An elastomeric composition incorporating a hydrocarbon polymer modifier including piperylene, cyclic pentadiene and aromatic components, and having a softening point from 80[degrees]C to 160[degrees]C, z-average molecular weight greater than 10,000, and at least 1 mole percent aromatic hydrogen, based on the total moles of hydrogen in the modifier.
They catalyze the hydroperoxidation of pentadiene moieties of long-chain fatty acids, initiating biosynthesis of regulator compounds, the best known of which in plants are the jasmonates.