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a.1.Of or pertaining to Mount Pentelicus, near Athens, famous for its fine white marble quarries; obtained from Mount Pentelicus; as, the Pentelic marble of which the Parthenon is built.
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He said the Penteli Hotel had ceased operating over the past few years and was being offered for sale.
Contract award notice: Supply of lubricants and other materials, Municipality of penteli.
The modalities with which the growth of the main urban centre (greater Athens and Piraeus) has occurred until now are, to a great extent, determined by the four large mountains of the region surrounding the plain of Attica (Mount Aegaleo, Mount Parnitha, Mount Penteli and Mount Hymettus).
2) Department of Otolaryngology, Paidon Pentelis Children Hospital, Penteli, Greece
The Metera institution cares for around 85 children, Penteli Infirmary for around 30, Saint Stilianos around 25 and Saint Andrew 30.
Writing for pediatric pulmonologists, otorhinolaryngologists, and pediatricians, Priftis (allergy-pneumology, Penteli Children's Hospital, Greece) et al.
The Boeing 757 landed in Greece, where Vegas was admit ted to the Penteli hospital in Athens.
But the most dangerous was the fire near Athens, which started north of the Marathon plain and spread over Mount Penteli.
A resident sits on top of a water wagon during a fire at the Mount of Penteli, 22 miles east of Athens, yesterday
Earlier, over 500 firefighters, including a Cypriot contingent, had battled blazes east of the capital, fighting to save the communities of Daou Penteli and Nea Makri and attempting to prevent the fire from moving northwards.