People's Charter

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the document which embodied the demands made by the Chartists, so called, upon the English government in 1838.

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In July we launched the Children and Young People's Charter, a commitment signed by the leaders of all four political parties represented in the Assembly, ensuring that young people can have their say and ultimately influence what goes on in the Senedd.
There is a worldwide movement online to nurture love and end all violence by signing The People's Charter to Create a Non-violent World.
A People's Charter was submitted to a mass meeting in Birmingham demanding universal manhood suffrage, equal electoral districts and parliamentary reform, and it ignited like wildfire in the industrial towns.
During the first visit the delegation, which included representatives from Unite, the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), Communication Workers Union (CWU), the National Pensioners Convention and the Coalition of Resistance and the People's Charter, saw the impact of austerity on the Greek people and learned about the work to build a movement for an alternative.
The first Young People's Charter for Arts and Culture was launched at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle and is the first document of its kind in the country.
An organisation called, for example, People's Charter for Incapacity Benefit should be created.
Stuart Richardson, from the Birmingham People's Charter, said the freeze on public sector pay was in fact a cut.
Do we really need Althusser, Williams, Jameson, and Castoriadis to tell us that the People's Charter symbolised more than a technical program of political reform?
Last week, he said the election would not take place if Fiji's chiefs and political parties fail to support his People's Charter for Change, Progress and Peace initiative, which is to come into force before the election.
They handed out red roses, Valentine's cards and copies of the People's Charter, a document that was drafted after an eleven-month, nationwide consultation process.
In 1839, 20 people were killed when supporters of the People's Charter besieged Newport's Westgate Hotel as part of a national campaign to give men of all classes the vote and pay MPs.
Recent highlights include making a speech in front of Princess Anne on behalf on Rainbow House - a unit for disabled children - and she also spoke at the launch of the Young People's Charter and was a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament.

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