Peppermint tree

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(Bot.) a name given to several Australian species of gum tree (Eucalyptus amygdalina, Eucalyptus piperita, E. odorata, etc.) which have hard and durable wood, and yield an essential oil.

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Acacia / Dusty miller Eucalyptus / Globe amaranth / Millet Ornamental cabbage Peppermint tree / Privet Queen Anne's lace / Snapdragon
Another pungent, if lesser-known Australian arboreal specimen, is the so-called peppermint tree (Agonis flexuosa), with bulging biceps branches and a somewhat weeping growth habit.
5, 6, 8-24; peppermint H1, H2 (Eucalyptus nicholii) Peppermint tree 25-35 ft.
Another peppermint tree to examine is the Australian willow myrtle (Agonis flexuosa).
Tenants in building 165 include the Peppermint Tree Nursery (day care center), Rockwell Automation, AMAX Engineering, The Home News and Tribune, Celsis International, and Mackay Communications.
Good environmental planning has also reduced the number of peppermint trees that will be removed.