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The menu includes stubbel goos with percely hashe, Pippin fryturs, poached wardens and scillybub with Struan Micheil.
Schla hym in the tale & let hym blede to cede, & skald hym in hote water, & rub it with a cloth till he be clene; & take ale & water & salt & make a sharp sauce, & splat it & let it kele; & lay it in a chaergeoure, an cast vinegre & powdere of peper, percely & saferon with on3ons, & serof.
Recipe sauge, percely, ysop & saueray, quyncis, gode perys, & garlic, & put in be gosse, & sew be hole agayn pat no grece go oute; & roste it & leye pe grece bat drops fro pe sawce & etc.