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Noun1.Percidae - active freshwater fishes; true perches and pike perches
fish family - any of various families of fish
order Perciformes, order Percomorphi, Perciformes, Percomorphi - one of the largest natural groups of fishes of both marine and fresh water: true perches; basses; tuna
perch - spiny-finned freshwater food and game fishes
genus Perca, Perca - type genus of the Percidae
genus Percina, Percina - a genus of Percidae
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This included six species of Centrarchidae, one species of Cichlidae, four species of Cyprinidae, three species of Ictaluridae, one species of Percidae, and two species of Poeciliidae (Table 1).
specularis Hypophtalmichthys Hmol molitrix Rutilus rutilus Rrut Mugilidae Mugil cephalus Mcep 1 1 Percidae Sander lucioperca Sluc Petromyzontidae Petromyzon marinus Pmar Stady sites Water courses Freha Boubhir Oued Aissi (Freh) (Boub) Aval (AvaA) Anguillidae Species code Anguilla anguilla Aang 1 1 1 Centrarchidae Micropterus salmoides Msal lupeiidae Alosa alosa Aalo 1 1 Alosa fallax Afal 1 Cyprinidae Alburnus alburnus Aalb Aristichtys nobilis Anob Barbus setivimensis Bset 1 1 1 Carassius auratus Caur Ctenopharyngodon Cide idella Cyprinus carpio Ccco 1 1 var.
Este anestesico es usado con exito en las especies de las familias Ictaluridae (peces gato), Salmonidae (salmon, trucha, trucha artica, pez blanco y timalo), Esocidae y Percidae (Carter et al, 2011).
Tambien se ha recolectado de Catastomidae, Centrarchidae, Ictaluridae, Lepososteidae y Percidae en Wisconsin, USA (Amin, 1990; Gillilland & Muzzall, 2004; Muzzall & Whelan, 2011).
KHV DNA has been identified by different PCR methods in a lot of members of the families Acipenseridae [22], Cyprinidae, including common carp or koi hybrids [23-25], and Percidae in many wild fish populations within close vicinity to, or in carp ponds [26,27].
is mostly found in Percidae, Solmonidae, Siluridae and Gobitidae family fishes.
15]N levels among seven fish taxa representing Cyprinidae, Centrarchidae, Percidae, Ictaluridae, and Clupeidae families.
Such infection is however not possible with fish hosts belonging to the Percidae, Anguillidae, Ictaluridae and Clariidae.
The topics include a phylogenetic analysis of Percidae using osteology, the distribution and population genetics of walleye and sauger, reproductive and environmental biology, feeding ecology and energies, harvest regulations and sampling, and lessons learned over the past century on stocking and marking.
La region NA puede ser la mas afectada, y por tanto, las familias de peces de origen NA, como Atherinopsidae, con ocho especies endemicas en riesgo de los generos Menidia; Catostomidae, con siete especies del genero Cyprinodon; Cyprinidae, con 32 de los generos Algansea, Cyprinella, Dionda y Notropis; Cyprinodontidae, con 16 especies del genero Cyprinodon; Goodeidae, con 24 especies de 12 generos; Gobiesocidae, con tres del genero Gobiesox; Ictaluridae, con cuatro del genero Ictalurus; Percidae, con cuatro del genero Etheostoma, y Salmonidae 1 del genero Oncorhynchus.