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Noun1.Perdix - a genus of PerdicinaePerdix - a genus of Perdicinae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
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These includes two 1,200gm Perdix grilled chicken for QR20 in the frozen items division, 20 Twix Top chocolate of 21gm each for QR10 in the grocery division and a four-piece hot-pot set for QR30.
Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in the grey patridge Perdix perdix: outbreak description, histopathology, biochemistry and antioxidant parameters.
The exercise was a first-of-its-kind event that dispensed more than 100 Perdix micro-UAVs from three F/A-18Fs.
Most recently, in October 2016, the US Department of Defence's (DOD) Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO), which traditionally kept research efforts close to its chest, revealed information on the deployment of 103 MT Lincoln Laboratory Perdix UAVs from three US Navy Boeing F/A18E/F Super Hornet fighters.
Navy F/A-18F Super Hornets successfully released for the first time a "swarm" of 103 Perdix semi-autonomous drones in flight.
Called Perdix drones, the flyers have a wingspan of just 12 inches and move entirely autonomously-no human control required.
The subject of this contract is the provision of services in the field of forestry at the Forestry Commission Lochow in the years 2016-2017, including: acquisition and hauling wood, forest breeding, seed, nursery, economy, incidental, forest protection, forest fire protection, maintenance of forest and game management in rangeries: Sadowne, Zieleniec, Wielgie, Szumin, Kamionna, Urle, Jagodne, Medininkai, Stoczek, Wrotnw, Hungarians, Ruchna and Miedzanka and the maintenance and development of the aviary and the reintroduction of gray partridges (Perdix perdix L.
En el ambito de la produccion hemerografica especializada, es a partir de 1986 cuando la larga serie de mas de 60 articulos cientificos da un giro sensible hacia la publicacion de trabajos de historia, y ese mismo ano aparece su firma en trabajos como <<La perdiz Perdix Perdix Hispaniensis, Reichenow, 1892 (aves: galliformes), nuevo hospedador de Goniocotes obscurus, Giebel, 1874 (Mallophaga: goniodidae)>> (14), junto a otros como la serie de Personajes de la escuela/Facultad de Veterinaria de Leon (15).
To start, legal vermin control was carried out, with particular emphasis on carrion crow, before F1 grey partridge hatching eggs arrived in three batches from Perdix Wildlife Supplies.
Damom M, Flandre O, Michel F, Perdix L, Labrid C, Crastes de Paulet.
Until the late 1970s, the grey partridge Perdix perdix was one of the most numerous birds in agricultural landscapes in Germany and of extraordinary significance as a game bird.
In Latin the species is called Perdix perdix, so maybe it is the original partridge, as perdiz in Spanish does mean "partridge.