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Noun1.Perejil - a small uninhabited Mediterranean islet claimed by both Morocco and Spain
Mediterranean, Mediterranean Sea - the largest inland sea; between Europe and Africa and Asia
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Perejil Islet conflict in the Spanish Press through photographs
Espolvorear la sopa y el pescado con perejil toscamente cortado y servirlo todo al mismo tiempo.
Objetivo: Determinar el efecto antioxidante y hepatoprotector del perejil (Petroselinum sativum) en ratas con intoxicacion hepatica inducida por paracetamol.
The documentary resurrects the phrase Di Perejil to identify the experience of the same population, this time in order to achieve respect for their human rights, to improve their quality of life and to encourage coexistence with the Dominican people and with the entire Latin American and Caribbean region.
3 tazas de papas cocidas y machacadas 1 cucharada de perejil finamente picado 1 cucharada de mantequilla derretida 1 huevo batido Harina de trigo, aceite para freir, lo necesario Sal y pimienta Para adornar: Rebanadas de limon y hojas de perejil
Cuando los espanoles estabamos metidos en el cambio del Gobierno, despues de que el presidente Aznar desfenestrase nada menos que a nueve ministros, la ocupacion de la isla del Perejil por parte de soldados marroquies ha supuesto todo un revuelo.
Spain withdraws its troops from the Perejil island, which was invaded on July 17 (see last week's Recorder).
Spanish forces left Perejil island at the weekend after the two nations reached an agreement, ending 10 days of confrontation.
The tiny island - known to Spaniards as Perejil (parsley in English) and to Moroccans as Leila - threatened to create a diplomatic incident when Moroccan soldiers raised their flag on its rocky terrain on July 11.
Spanish soldiers in helicopters landed on Perejil island early on Wednesday after several Moroccans put up tents and raised flags on the tiny outcrop a week ago.
Meanwhile, new Spanish foreign minister Ana Palacio insisted that the row over Perejil Island - a barren outcrop off the coast of Morocco - had no implications for Madrid's claim to Gibraltar.
Spanish soldiers in helicopters landed on Perejil early on Wednesday to eject several Moroccans who had occupied it last week.