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n.1.The quality of being perennial.
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Award criteria: The most economically advantageous tender in terms of the criteria stated below: Accommodation: 5% - Technical components of the platform: 20% - functional components of the platform: 50% - perennity community and support: 25% -
The agreement, signed by the previous FA chairman David Bernstein, says: "The order of rotation shall be IFA (2011-15) FAW SFA FA IFA etc in perennity.
The Take Over Date of the plant represents a key milestone in the CHO Morcenx project economics, in the proof of the CHO Power concept and thus in the financial and business performance of the Group underpinning its perennity.
This is because while coercion is of primordial importance in establishing power, persuasion is vital for its perennity.
This perennity and resilience are best echoed by a stunning range of cultural, social and musical events, which are staged regularly throughout Morocco, in towns steeped in history, so that our young generations can properly gauge the full scope of their history as well as the richness of their heritage.
In one form or another, the perennity of political power requires sacrifice.
and their perennity has again been recently confirmed by Quebec's Bill 142.
Its Perennity and its, Importance in the Cult of the Emperor," paper for conference on The Nature of State and Society in Medieval China, Stanford, 1980; and John Makeham, "Ming-chiao in Easter Han: Filial Piety, Reputation, and Office," Han-hsueh yen-chiu 8.
This contract aims to harmonize and optimize HR processes to ensure consistency and technical and functional perennity HRIS establishment.